Mutasia Releases ‘Christmas on Mutasia’ album for the Holidays


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Mutasian Entertainment LLC ( has launched the release of its new children’s sing-a-long album, Christmas on Mutasia, featuring 8 original Christmas songs and 3 Christmas classics to get families into the holiday spirit this season.

The songs, sung by the beloved characters of Mutasia, are sweet, funny and unique, just like the Mutasians themselves. Children of all ages can sing along with Julio and Billie’s hilarious duet: ‘Picture Of Me,’ the cheerful holiday anthem: ‘Time For A Christmas,’ Figley’s sweet ballad: ‘The Greatest Gift’ and Flavian’s ridiculous rendition of the holiday classic: ‘Jingle Bells.’

Christmas on Mutasia is available for download from the Mutasia website and can also be purchased with the fun and colorful e-book A Nib Christmas, based on the song by Rob Broadhurst and illustrated by Ryan McCulloch, and a cuddly Nib plush toy, all for a discounted price of $9.99 (plus S&H).

Mutasia has two other special seasonal options available for young readers this Christmas. The first is the Figleys Favorite Book Bundle, which includes Figleys New Favorite Food, written by Suzanne Cotsakos and Chelsea Menzies and Mutasia: The Land of Illogical and Utterly Impossible Critters, written by Rob Broadhurst, Suzanne Cotsakos, William McCulloch and Susan Menzies. These two bright picture books are now available to bundle with the huggable Figley plush toy and The Mish Mash Bash 23-minute DVD, all for the special price of only $24.99 (plus S&H).

The second combination from the Mutasia team is Chadwicks Chapter Book Bundle. This bundle features two exciting adventure chapter books for junior readers: The Endless Caverns, written by Michael Flynn and ‘Clubhouse Clash,’ written by Justin Minkel, both award-winning elementary school teachers. These two chapter books can be combined with a plush toy of the lovable Chadwick and a fun 17-song CD, ‘Nature Calls: Songs From Mutasia all for the special price of $24.99 (plus S&H).

Mutasia is a land where everyone is a mix of two or more different animals. The inhabitants of the island are the most illogical and utterly impossible creatures you will ever meet. Throughout Mutasia’s exciting and humorous multimedia content, the unique characters encourage children to embrace individuality, accept differences and inspire them to try new things.

In addition to books, music, animation and plush toys, the team at Mutasian Entertainment has developed educational lesson plans for teachers, bookmarks, stickers, and coloring book mobile apps.

As a collective, the Mutasian Entertainment family is committed to continuously creating a fun-filled environment that encourages children to read and appreciate the world around them.  The talented and dedicated team of educators, illustrators, authors, musicians, designers, and entrepreneurs have joined together to share Mutasia, the land of illogical and utterly impossible critters.

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