Dark Things The Novel

Eugene Smith

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Dark things book

Her Angel, mandated by God, must protect Virginia’s life at all costs. When the serial killer discovers that she is alive and pregnant with his child, he’s determined to destroy them both. But, the Lord has decided to take this grossly detestable act that was meant for evil and turn it into the ultimate good. Who this child is destined by God to be, will change this World forever. In desperation, forces, both human and otherwise, gather to destroy Virginia and her unborn son in order to prevent this from ever happening, and the explosive battle that follows is enough to take your breath away…

DC Life Magazine had a chance to speak with the now self-publishing Author about the many lessons learned in navigating the bookseller’s world. We not only wanted to give the writer David Humphrey, Sr. an opportunity to introduce his book to our audience, but to also see if we could get his outlook on the industry and possibly some advice.

David Humphrey, Sr.: My book is currently available via Amazon: :Dark things book
An unfolding story of the ongoing battle against the rulers of darkness,

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