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Author spotlight- q&a session with Teddy Konickson

Eugene Smith

Teddy Konickson, the author behind the debut Fantasy novel, “Extraordinary.” Follow Charles (The Main Character), a socially awkward nerd turned ...

DJ Pinoblack Music Curator

Pinoblacks Vibes


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Hyphened-Nation – Don’t Check the Box

Madison Smith

The United States of America is perhaps the only country in the world which places its citizens into an ethnic ...

dark things cover

Dark Things The Novel

Eugene Smith

Her Angel, mandated by God, must protect Virginia’s life at all costs. When the serial killer discovers that she is ...

Mutasia Releases ‘Christmas on Mutasia’ album for the Holidays


Mutasian Entertainment LLC (www.mutasia.com) has launched the release of its new children’s sing-a-long album, ‘Christmas on Mutasia’, featuring 8 original ...