Scoring style points

Scoring style points The attitude and style are proliferating on school campuses from junior high schools to universities as the game has hooked tens of thousands of young athletes nationwide in recent years. First played by Native Americans hundreds of years ago, … Read more on Jumping on the Bankruptcy Bandwagon, Jersey Style By … Read more

Designer Ashley Pecolia Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Ashley Pecolia, designer for AP for Women, officially launches her Kickstarter campaign project- Seeking donations to help launch her fashion line. Columbia, MD- May 26, 2012- AP for Women is a beautifully woven, brilliantly driven idea and it needs your help. Starting on May 25th, Ashley will launch her Kickstarter campaign with the hopes of … Read more

Style and Substance: 10 Ladies Who Have Proven You Can Have Both

Style <em>and</em> Substance: 10 Ladies Who Have Proven You Can Have Both One of my favorite quotes about this comes from writer/director/style icon Sofia Coppola circa Marie Antoinette: “You're considered superficial and silly if you're interested in fashion, but I think you can be substantial and still be interested in … Read more on Fashionista … Read more