William John Kennedy’s NYC Photo Exhibit Captures Andy Warhol As Young Artist

William John Kennedy's NYC Photo Exhibit Captures Andy Warhol As Young Artist By ULA ILNYTZKY 04/21/12 03:03 PM ET But 25 years after his death, the pop artist's reputation and impact on the contemporary art world show no signs of fading. His iconic images of everyday consumer objects and celebrities consistently command high … Read … Read more

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Art Image by A.Currell I wouldn’t normally, but I really liked this persons art. I did not meet the artist, I knew I wouldn’t be able to buy anything so I didn’t want to bother him or her. Cool stuff though. Art, Free Speech and Racism The people assembled for the event, which was the … Read more

Sculpture is my forte

Sculpture is my forte "I didn't know anything about sculpture but my background in welding and fabrication came in handy as I started here," Ben says. But Ben has a secret, even though he had no prior involvement with art whatsoever before taking up residence in 1997, … Read more on Fiji Times Earth Week … Read more

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3200-year-old mummy mask can stay in Mo., judge rules April 22, 2011: The 3200-year-oldfuneral mask of Lady Ka-Nefer-Nefer can stay at the museum, a federal judge has ruled, saying the US government failed to prove that the relic was ever stolen after it went missing from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo … Read more on … Read more