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#29: jackie stone, artist


#29: jackie stone, artist

Some cool Baltimore artist images:

#29: jackie stone, artist
Baltimore artist
Image by dogfaceboy
The first time I saw Jackie, she was armed with wallpaper paste, tacking the loose ends of the rockstar "wallpaper" back down, evening things out, making it all look professional instead of slipshod. I liked that about her instantly. If writing were her thing, she’d be like me, with my Sharpie and white out, erasing the e from every "potatoe" and "tomatoe," adding necessary commas and deleting extraneous apostrophes.

Serena is behind the red door with the hot new guitar teacher, Jeff. And this room is also home to Jackie’s deep-voiced, fifteen-year-old son, Marshall, for forty-five minutes each week. Marshall’s former teacher, Frankie, isn’t here anymore, so the door he began painting was never finished. Jackie took over. As a tribute to Frankie, she’s imitating his favorite KISS album cover, Animalize.

We got to talk for an hour or more yesterday, and it was great to meet someone who deliberately calls herself an artist and hasn’t the least bit of guilt, remorse, or pretentiousness about it.

This is the twenty-ninth in my 100 Strangers project. Find out more at 100 Strangers.

Magnolia Laurie and Dawn Gavin
Baltimore artist
Image by York College of PA
The Represent series is an annual exhibition highlighting contemporary art trends in the major metropolitan areas closest to York College. The 2010 Represent exhibition features Baltimore artists Magnolia Laurie and Dawn Gavin.

pinup artist
Baltimore artist
Image by kaiki01
I think there were more pinup artists at Baltimore then there were original pieces of art.


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