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Miami Marlins home run sculpture still waiting for liftoff


Miami Marlins home run sculpture still waiting for liftoff

Detail View, Modesto Turquoise Sculpture
Image by cobalt123
This detail view of the Native American village carved in solid turquoise is a closer look at the sculpture in the previous photo.

Seen at the 2009 Tucson Rock and Gem Show, this stunning sculpture carved from a giant block of turquoise took my breath away. Depicted is a Native American village, likely cliff-dwellers. There is a celebration going on with the figures but it looks as if the residents also are defending their homes. Best view is large on this image. The entire piece measures about 2 1/2′ long. The art is clearly marked with the artist name of Modesto and a date, 1992. A search online did not result in learning anything more of this artist. Surely someone will know about this work and let us know, please. There will be several images coming from this one piece and another depicting a train robbery in the mountains.

Miami Marlins home run sculpture still waiting for liftoff
The object of Barnett's fascination was a tropical-colored, 71-foot tall sculpture behind the center-field wall that comes to life whenever the Marlins hit a home run. Lights swirl and flash, marlins dive and leap, seagulls fly, an orange-and-yellow …

This Sculpture is a Piece of Garbage, Intentionally
For the park's Earth Day festivities this weekend, the Air Alliance has recruited Houston Art Car artist Mark Bradford to make an educational sculpture that represents bottle pollution in our waterways. It's called NOMO the Eco-Fish.
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